about us

The RFA-NC is the North Carolina chapter of the Recreational Fishing Alliance, a political organization, providing a voice for it members an recreational fishermen.
RFA We are the RFA-NC. Memberships and donations stay in NC to assist our efforts for law changes and better resource management. We are NOT anti commercial... We are for better resource management which will enhance all the fishing sectors, commercial included. We are NOT a banquet circuit. Your donations only go to efforts in our state's capital to enhance our resource and fish stocks. We have no mega offices and paid staff. We all work for free and our time and trips to meetings is out of our individual pockets. We do have paid lobbyist to assist our efforts in Raleigh, NC. Without them we would not be where we are today. We have been in existence only months and have accomplished and exposed a lot inequalities and very poor management in our state's resources and we are just getting started.

An economic impact, which extends much further than just fishing

The overall impact of the recreational fisherman has a broad economic impact across many more industries and jobs than most consider. The RFA-NC represents all interests and industries related to recreational fishing.

how & why?

It is estimated nearly 60 million anglers spend more than $100 billion yearly on fishing equipment, tackle, licenses, travel, and lodging and having a direct impact on local, regional and national economies.

Having a voice in Raleigh as well as Washington DC is crucial to sustaining the recreational fisheries and the estimated 250,000 jobs created by it..

The RFA-NC is that voice and we are committed to protecting recreational fishing rights for those impacted by laws and regulations that threaten the recreational fishing industry; directly or indirectly.