A Voice for Recreational Fishing in NC

Providing around 250,000 jobs from coast to coast, recreational fishing remains one of the 11080916_840989645974249_2743416323711268728_nmost underrated contributors to the North Carolinian economy. It is estimated that recreational fishermen spent around 100 billion dollars per year on equipment. Furthermore, the industry’s influence extends beyond just fishing supplies! Restaurants, hotels, boat maintenance, and other necessities for fishermen are stimulated by growth in recreational fishing as well, as they draw more tourists and create more of a need for these services in North Carolina. In order to maintain these opportunities for North Carolina workers and fishing gear retailers, the NC Recreational Fishing Alliance members are determined to support better resource management in Raleigh as well as Washington DC. Our lobbyists are determined to make sure that equal rights are maintained between commercial and recreational fisherman and to keep this sector of the economy alive and growing in NC.

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