What the H.R 1335 Bill Means for You

With the increasing popularity of saltwater fishing from coast to coast, the sport contributes around 70 billion dollars to the economy per year while supporting approximately 454,000 jobs.

After consideration from the House of Representatives earlier this month, a bill reauthorizing the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act was passed. So what does this mean for the recreational fishing community?

Provisions of the act include promoting thorough scientific analysis of fishery allocations so that all decisions are fair and based on facts and research.

H.R 1335 also aims to prevent the closure of fisheries by providing limited exceptions to annual catch limits.

Finally, the bill supports the involvement of fishermen themselves in reporting fish stock. This could increase the accuracy of data reports while also getting the states more involved.

Hopefully, the act will open doors and increase opportunities for saltwater fishing in the Carolinas!