Trip Limits Modified for Atlantic Group Spanish Mackerel in Southern Zone

On August 13, the commercial trip limit of 3,500 pounds for the Spanish mackerel in South Carolina, Georgia, and eastern Florida will be effective. The NOAA has made these changes in response to the adjusted quota that is now 250,000 pounds less than the commercial quota for the Southern Zone.

Once 100 percent of the new quota is met or projected to be met, the trip limit will once again be altered and set to 500 pounds until the end of the fishing year or until the commercial quota is met. Once the quota has been reached, harvest of Spanish mackerel will be closed.

The new regulations will also eliminate the unlimited weekday Spanish mackerel trip limit for fishermen in the Floridian area of the Southern Zone.

Lastly, the final rule indicates that there will be no changes to the 3,500 pound round trip limit north of the South Carolina/ North Carolina boundary.

For more information, please see the NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional Office website here.

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