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PO Box 11003
Wilmington, NC 28404


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Why join?

Someone will determine what is in the best interest of recreational fishing. If it is not you, then who? To date, those charged with the oversight of our industry did not come from a background of recreational fishing, but rather that of industrial fishing fleets, radical enviromentalists, and other special interest groups. Recreational fishermen didn't have a seat at the table. We do now, come join us!

Our directors

  • Capt. Robert Schoonmaker, President
  • Capt. Charlie Schoonmaker, Vice President
  • John Rakoci, Secretary
  • Carlton Brown, Treasurer
  • Capt. Dave Timpy, Science and Statistical Officer
  • Capt. Owen Sewell, Information officer
  • Capt. Jot Owens, Nearshore Specialist
  • Dan George, Kayak Liaison Officer
  • Jeff Boberg, Inshore Specialist
  • Ray Dixon, Inshore Specialist